Town of Stephenville

Economic Development Week May 6-11, 2019

Town of Stephenville

Economic Development Week NL – May 2019

Town of Stephenville

For Immediate Release: May 8th, 2019  


The Town of Stephenville are actively moving forward with Council’s mandate to improve the environment for business and community development for the municipality.  A Stephenville Economic Development Committee consisting of thirteen members representing a diverse collection of organisations and contributing individuals, has been established and are focused on creating the pathway for successful economic, business and social development through collaborative partnerships.

This focus on partnership building has welcomed the Town of Stephenville as a member of the Economic Developers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.   A progressive organisation focused on promoting the goal of enhancing Economic Development by providing an active network for communication, idea and information sharing, networking and professional development.

May 6 – 11th is recognized as National Economic Development week, advocating the strides municipalities take in promoting well-being and enhancing quality of life for their communities.  Mayor Tom Rose is ecstatic to sign the ‘Resolution for Economic Development Week’ proclamation, reiterating the steps council are actively taking to enhance development in the community.  “It is very important to actively promote the importance of Economic Development within our town.  My focus for the area is to ‘Green Up’ the community, embrace our diverse cultures, deliver an achievable growth plan and build promise for our economy’, stated Mayor Rose.  “We heard incredible input during successful public engagement sessions during the fall of 2019, illustrating the enthusiasm of the residents of Stephenville.”

The Town’s 2019 Budget focused on these efforts by creating a community development fund of $265,000, which allows council to support the many not-for-profit groups accomplishing great work in the town.  Council has also implemented an allotment of $151,000 for its Economic Development Committee, allowing for the completion of its three-year strategic plan and commencing its implementation.  Open public engagement sessions were held during November and December 2018, focusing on nine sector development areas.   Input was received from subject matter experts, community groups, vested agencies and the general public.   

Council has hired a Strategic Economic Development Consultant to incorporate the consultations and input and develop a comprehensive three year strategic plan for the Town.   Councillor Mark Felix, Finance Chair stated “By taking a planned professional approach to development utilizing collaborative partnerships and a coordinated process, we will be effective in building a solid approach to enhancing our economic and community foundation.” 

The Town of Stephenville looks forward to working with community partners in our Economic Development endeavours.