Town of Stephenville

Instructions for Clearing Discolored Water

Town of Stephenville

When the town is performing work on the water lines residents may experience discolored water.

When discolored water occurs please follow these steps to clear it:

  1. If possible do not use or run hot or cold water at all. Over a short time period the sediment will settle, and the water lines will clear.

  2. If water is needed:

    • First run cold water to see if it is discolored.

    • Run cold water until the water is clear.

    • Avoid washing clothes, sheets, etc in hot, warm or cold water until water is clear.

    • Do not run hot water to avoid sediment build up in hot water tanks.

Please note: Discolored water is safe for consumption unless your street has been put under a boil water advisory. Click here to see current boil water advisories and water disruptions.

Any water system work taking place in Stephenville will be posted on the Town website and the Town’s facebook page.

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. For questions or concerns please contact the town office at (709) 643 8360.