Town of Stephenville

Public Notice Announcement - Proposed Municipal Plan and Development Regulation Amendment

Town of Stephenville

The Town of Stephenville proposes to amend its Municipal Plan and Development Regulations to redesignate two 0.4- hectare (1-acre) properties in the vicinity of Hillier Avenue from Residential to Rural. The proposed change will accommodate two residential dwellings, one on each property.  

 The proposed amendment will be available for viewing at the Town Office during normal business hours. Comments or objections may be submitted in writing to the Town on or before September 3, 2019.

 For more information or to submit your comments, please contact:

 TOWN OF STEPHENVILLE ATTN.: Wayne Reilly, Fire Chief/Development Officer

P. O. Box 420, Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5

Phone (709) 643-8369